1. egrid said: Hey hey, I missed out on the Kickstarter and have been absolutely drooling over all the progress shots. Since the book's printed now, will there be/is there information available about where Speculative Relationships can be purchased? It looks mega rad and I'd love to be able to get a copy!


    Thanks! I was wondering where all that drool was coming from.

    We’re about halfway done with shipping. As soon as all backers get theirs, we’ll post info about ordering online. Hopefully soon! (I’m taking a break from shipping in order to type this).

    Your patience is appreciated. 

    Stay tooooonnnneed

  2. speculativerelationships:

    Did some Prophet fan art as a gift for the fine folks at Challengers Comics and Graham Crackers Comics DT, as a thank you for all their hard work in hosting Speculative Relationships.  These are good dudes and prove how awesome LCS’s should all be.

    Big thanks to Patrick and Dal at challengers and Matt and crew at graham crackers!

  3. That right there… Is Victus 3. All done.

  4. Machine Man piece for an art show at 3rd coast comics.

  5. speculativerelationships:

    Thanks to everyone who came out for the signing today and thanks to graham crackers for having us! Special thanks to Matt for setting us up and Allie for the great picture!

    So much fun!

  6. Doing some drawing with Drew Alderfer. Hershey pencils by Drew, inks by me. Prophet pencils by me, inks by Drew.

  7. grimwilkins:



    There’s a preview for Prophet: Strikefile#1 up here

    Out this week! I drew the cover and two blobby guys.

    This book is fabulous. I’m super proud to be a part of it

    My buddy Grim Wilkins is in the new Prophet book!  Grim’s a rising star so get on board now!

  8. geraldproctor:

    Here is another recent fan art collaboration with comic artist Tyrell Cannon, tcannoncomics. His original inks on left and my colors on the right.

  9. Victus 3 WIP.  Mr Owl’s home revealed along with a new character, debuting in Victus 4.

    So close.  Only 3 pages left.

  10. Victus 3 title page in progress.

  11. speculativerelationships:

    Daniel Warren Johnson came by last night to finish up the sketches for backer rewards at the “Together Forever” level.  He showed up with a Pink headband, which he claims ‘helps him make deadlines’.  

    We watched The Dirty Dozen (which Dan had never seen!?!?) and had some brew & pie.  I drew a drawing of Prophet, cuz you know… why not.

    First round of packages have been sent out!  We’re working our way through the mailing list.  Thanks for your patience!

    - Tyrell

    Had an awesome time sketching with Dan.  Its fun to work with other artists around and learn from eachother.  Mostly last night I was learning from Dan, as I was having a terrible drawing mojo day.

    Dan blew my mind when he told me he’s never seen Evil Dead 2 or Army of Darkness.  We need to remedy this.

  12. Some fan art for Justin Jordan and Kyle Strahm’s The Spread.  Colors by Gerald Proctor.  It get’s messy.

  13. Gave this drawing of Franky to my pal Daniel Warren Johnson last night.  He’s the one that got me hooked on the pentel brush pen (which I used to do this)

  14. Why not. 2 pages from Victus 3.

  15. Water.
    Victus 3.