1. Victus 3 title page in progress.

  2. speculativerelationships:

    Daniel Warren Johnson came by last night to finish up the sketches for backer rewards at the “Together Forever” level.  He showed up with a Pink headband, which he claims ‘helps him make deadlines’.  

    We watched The Dirty Dozen (which Dan had never seen!?!?) and had some brew & pie.  I drew a drawing of Prophet, cuz you know… why not.

    First round of packages have been sent out!  We’re working our way through the mailing list.  Thanks for your patience!

    - Tyrell

    Had an awesome time sketching with Dan.  Its fun to work with other artists around and learn from eachother.  Mostly last night I was learning from Dan, as I was having a terrible drawing mojo day.

    Dan blew my mind when he told me he’s never seen Evil Dead 2 or Army of Darkness.  We need to remedy this.

  3. Some fan art for Justin Jordan and Kyle Strahm’s The Spread.  Colors by Gerald Proctor.  It get’s messy.

  4. Gave this drawing of Franky to my pal Daniel Warren Johnson last night.  He’s the one that got me hooked on the pentel brush pen (which I used to do this)

  5. Why not. 2 pages from Victus 3.

  6. Water.
    Victus 3.

  7. cakechicago:

    What’s this?!?! The Cupcake award deadline is how soon? Check here for all the info!

    Cupcake Art by Tyrell Cannon

    You should all be applying for the Cupcake award!

  8. Owl see you on Victus 3

  9. speculativerelationships:

    Making Love Zine is ready for printing.  Here’s the front and back cover.  Lot’s of goodies in there!

  10. speculativerelationships:

    Quick sketch jam from the Speculative Relationships meeting last month.  Featuring:

    Rinko Endo

    Daniel Warren Johnson

    Isabella Rotman

    Scott Kroll

    Tyrell Cannon

    I love these people!

  11. Some Victus 3 snippets

  12. Yes. There is a Komodo dragon in the next issue of Victus.

  13. Tattoo I designed for my friend Idriys.  

  14. More inking on Victus

  15. speculativerelationships:

    Hard at work on the “Making Love” zine for our backers!